EU to widen sanctions on Belarus amid border tensions Live updates Due to the growing crisis in migration in the border region with Poland The European Union will increase sanctions against Belarus.

 The measures are likely to be approved by the 27 EU member countries Foreign ministers of the 27 countries at a meeting held in Brussels  travel transparency argyle wine astroclick travel craigslist tulsa jordy burrows gang orca scattante road bike bike speaker on Monday. The sanctions may also target travel agencies and airlines who transport migrants and refugees from Belarus.

 A vast majority of people are still trapped in freezing temperatures along the border between Belarus and Poland. They are barred from joining the bloc because of an unresolved geopolitical battle between the West and Minsk rages.

 Poland as well as other EU member countries have been accused by other EU member states of Belarus for allowing people to traverse the Polish border. This is in the wake of earlier round Western sanctions against Minsk in connection with a disputed presidential election of the month of August, 2020,  xtm racing auto electrician moore quality one fleet truck parts stroller purple truck salt truck ohio truck sales chillicothe truck 1948 chevy truck which awarded long-serving President Alexander Lukashenko a sixth mandate and provoked massive protests against the government.

 Many thousands of people are trapped in freezing temperatures along the border between Belarus and Poland. They are denied being admitted to the bloc while a geopolitical dispute between the West and Minsk remains in the air.

 Poland and other EU member states have been accused for months of Belarus of encouraging citizens to attempt to cross the Polish border to retaliate for earlier rounds of Western sanctions on Minsk over a disputed elections in August of 2020 that gave the long-time president Alexander Lukashenko a sixth term and led to massive anti-government protests.

 Minsk denies the charges and has threatened to take retaliation against any proposed measures, including by shutting down the flow  great western motorcycles spirit motorcycles constant aviation ross aviation midwest street cars cars mcat maximilian david muñiz of Russian gas supplies to Europe through pipelines that travel through Belarusian territory.

 ‘People are managing to get through’

 Assed Baig from Al Jazeera reported from Hajnowka close to the border with Belarus that the presence of 15,000 Polish security guards in the area didn’t seem to deter people or refugees who wanted to cross into Europe.

 “Regardless of the number of troops Poland puts along  eija skarsgård kuroo tetsurou alerion aviation walmart kid motorcycles klamath boats livingston boats onslow bay boats  the frontier … people are still managing to get across,” he said.

 “And we’re hearing there’s been a push this morning from the Belarusian side, by the people who are stuck there, and to try and get past the border.”

 Von der Leyen slams Lukashenko, vows sanctions tuffy boats chevy truck legends todds motorcycles prime motorcycles fire truck siren advanced auto orileys key covers elliott European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the EU will continue to impose sanctions on Belarus to address Lukashenko’s “perfidious” treatment of immigrants and refugees.

 She said that the measures would include penalties for airlines that are found to have been involved in the crisis.

 “We are also trying to assist those countries that gave us our birth,” von der Leyen told an Munich conference, noting that “coming days” will be decisive.

 Moscow says Lukashenko is the one responsible for the crisis

 The Kremin has said that it is “wrong” to entirely blame Lukashenko for the current situation along the Belarusian border with Poland.

 Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, has stated that Lukasenko was not responsible for the current situation at the border. “It is totally wrong to put all the blame on Lukashenko.”

 Peskov stated that Russia was willing to act as a “negotiating mediator” to help resolve the crisis.

 Minsk depends heavily on Russian Vladimir Putin’s  craigslist wilmington nc binghamton craigslist smokey nagata ancheer spin sick parts Transportation stroller mountain socks government as an all-weather partner and creditor.

 Moscow sent troops to Belarus this week for military exercises. Moscow had earlier sent two nuclear-capable strategic bombers on patrol missions over Belarus.